Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

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21 December 2020

Make your kitchen a multi-purpose community space!

In a year when we’ve all spent more time in our homes than usual, the kitchen has become the multitask space.

This is set to continue, and in 2021, we can look forward to the kitchen being opened up to many more family and friends.

Multipurpose community spaces

This year, kitchens across the country have been used as offices and school rooms. The kitchen table has never been as busy.

Next year, it’s still going to be a hive of activity, but the focus is hopefully going to be on entertaining and socialising rather than work!

Large wooden tables are increasingly popular as they’re the ultimate multi-tasker when it comes to kitchen furniture. Islands, breakfasts bars and any other functional furniture that facilitates community activity are going to be seen across kitchens in 2021.

Even more technology

As the kitchen becomes more social, different forms of technology and media begin to creep in. TV screens, music systems, and games consoles are all starting to make an appearance in our kitchens.

But it’s not just entertainment systems that have gone high tech. Your normal kitchen tools and machines have now become smart appliances. Pretty much anything can be linked up to a hub and controlled remotely or via a voice-operated device.

Smart cooking is going to be more prevalent in 2021 with remote-controlled slow cookers and steamers. There’s even a multi-functional smart cooker than can act as a steamer, cake and bread maker, rice cooker and slow cooker all in one.

Greener appliances and materials

All this technology isn’t just for convenience. There’s also going to be a much bigger emphasis on eco-friendly devices and appliances.

Washing machines and dishwashers are becoming more effective at using less water. And electric ovens more efficient at using less energy.

When you’re buying a new appliance, energy labels on fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens will help you make an informed choice. The label gives each appliance an energy rating on a scale of G – A or G – A+++. At the top end is A+++, which is the most efficient. The label may also include information such as annual energy consumption and estimated water usage.

It’s not just appliances that will become greener. The materials we use in our kitchen cabinets and worktops are increasingly being made from reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials.

Soft and natural shades

Bold and bright is being replaced with soft and subtle. Pinks and reds are still popular but in gradient tones rather than bold lines. The same goes for blues and greens.

Muted tones of concrete and earthy colour schemes are ideal for the multipurpose kitchen as your choice of accent accessories can offer contrast.

Natural timbers are perennially popular, and with the rise of the old-fashioned wooden kitchen table, there’ll be a big upsurge in country and quaker style kitchens in 2021.

When timber is back in demand, so are natural materials such as granite and marble. Expect to see plenty of wood cabinets in lighter shades and good solid granite worktops in 2021.

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