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Nobilia Kitchens New for 2024

Nobilia Kitchens
New for 2024

My World, My Home

The Nobilia Kitchens 2024 Collection meets the demands of today's busy households in a modern way by delivering a host of smart features. 

Some draw inspiration from the digital world, whilst others work to create a more natural look to the kitchen, using warm colours, wood and basalt designs.

Innovative and flexible ergonomics and storage solutions are a key feature of the 2024 collection. Intelligent corner cabinets, extra tall cabinets and drawers, kitchen recycling systems, inner cupboard and drawer storage compartments and racks - so many options to help clear the clutter in your kitchen!

The award-winning Xtra Ceramic Worktop is also new for 2024 and delivers an array of impressive benefits, including being 100% heat and water resistant. 

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Door Fronts

It’s time for a new look and a special tactile experience. Today, kitchens are adorned with warm colors and wood and basalt designs. The quality that is made for everyday use – surfaces like Senso and Easytouch are attractive due to the anti-fingerprint coating, while StoneArt proves to be especially durable.

senso 490 range


Lacquer, premium honed alpine white

Alpine white makes your life brighter
Increased space, enhanced illumination, and greater freedom characterize the experience. With the added benefit of an anti-fingerprint coating, the pristine nature of the white hue is assured to endure. The application of SENSO in lacquer, featuring premium honed alpine white, fosters spacious and uncluttered environments, making it especially fitting for open-concept designs. This surface is impeccably suited for the sleek and minimalist LINE N designs.

senso 491 range


Lacquer, premium honed slate grey

A cosy space in slate grey
Experience the tangible distinction for yourself. The SENSO premium honed design, showcasing slate grey lacquer fronts, radiates a luxurious warmth that imparts a unique sense of coziness to any space. Elevate the modern aesthetic with the addition of Oak Line natural niche cladding, creating an eye-catching focal point.

senso 492 range


Lacquer, premium honed coral

Trend update in coral
Introducing our latest addition, the pastel coral hue, bringing a refreshing dimension to the diverse SENSO color palette. Blend it seamlessly with light quartz and Taupe grey elements for a genuinely imaginative room design.

As a novel option within our handleless LINE N solutions, the curved end-of-run fronts from the Curve series accentuate the gentle color scheme with their organic contours, offering a unique and stylish alternative.

senso 494 range


Lacquer, premium honed jade

Refreshing jade
Revitalize your kitchen aesthetics with SENSO in the trendy jade hue, which truly shines, especially when applied to expansive surfaces. Achieve a stunning effect by pairing this color with a marble look for worktops, wall cladding, or niches, creating an exceptionally appealing visual impact.

laser 461 range


Taupe grey

Success colour taupe grey
Grey continues to maintain its enduring popularity, with Taupe grey emerging as the standout success in the new 2023 collection. Excitingly, we’ve extended the availability of this warm grey shade to the entry-level price segment with our LASER range. Furthermore, Taupe grey is now an option for carcase color, providing even more versatility in design choices.

laser 463 range


Black concrete reproduction

Trend look black concrete
The highly sought-after Black concrete reproduction décor is now accessible in price group 1, presented as a LASER front under the new front number 463. This represents a compelling entry of the dark concrete style into the realm of handleless designs.

novalux 512 range


Lacquer, white high gloss

Elegant white
The inclination towards premium lacquer fronts persists, prompting us to enhance our successful high-gloss lacquer range. Introducing the new NOVALUX, characterized by a remarkably slender edge radius of just 1.8 mm.

novalux 516 range


Lacquer, alpine white high gloss

Modern alpine white
Boasting an impressive stature and visual allure, the NOVALUX fronts in alpine white radiate top-tier quality.

The inclusion of matte grey slate elements, such as the worktop and niche cladding, accentuates the design’s minimalist lines.

novalux 519 range


Lacquer, satin grey high gloss

Contrasts with satin grey
The nuanced combination of high-gloss and matte surfaces in various shades of grey presents a versatile option for a diverse range of interior design concepts.

At the heart of this design lies the island solution, featuring a minimalist grey slate design. The choice of high-gloss NOVALUX in satin grey extends to all units and shelf units, contributing to a cohesive and stylish aesthetic.


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