The versatility of an open plan kitchen

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04 March 2021

Wondering what you can do with your kitchen?

If you feel constricted by your existing space, then it’s time to consider if an open plan kitchen is a feasible option.

By removing a wall or opening up a doorway into an arch, your kitchen suddenly becomes a much more versatile space.

Enable socialising and multi-tasking

When you’re entertaining, it can be frustrating to have to leave your guests in another room while you spend ages cooking. By opening up your kitchen into a place where you can socialise, you can chat with your guests and involve them with the meal you’re preparing.

The kitchen diner combination works well for a multitude of occasions. Even if you just have a few guests, or the odd coffee morning, the kitchen makes chatting and entertaining more effortless.

Spend more time together as a family

A significant benefit of an open plan kitchen is that it allows you to spend more time together as a family – rather than each member of the family being in a separate room.

If you have children, you can keep an eye on them while you work. This could be older children doing their homework at the kitchen table, or young tots playing or drawing nearby.

Alternatively, you could be a busy couple, who are at work all day. Your open plan kitchen can become a relaxing place to chill out and chat while you prepare your evening meal together.

Where to find additional space

An open plan kitchen gives you more scope to make better use of the entire room. The additional floor space allows for a bigger variety of configurations. But where do you find this extra area?

If you have a formal dining room that adjoins the kitchen and is only used occasionally, why not make more use of this floor space? By combining it with your kitchen, you have a much wider area that’s more consistently used.

In traditional homes, the kitchen often extends out back onto a scullery. Or what was once an outside toilet has now been attached to the kitchen. This is all space that can be utilised.

Another alternative to knocking down interior walls or attaching to existing outbuildings is to build an extension. You may be able to extend out to the rear, front or side, to give you the extra floor space needed to really transform your kitchen.

Make the most of light

Another benefit of an open plan kitchen is that you gain more light. A larger area feels brighter, and by allowing more natural light into your kitchen, you give the impression of a much larger, comfortable space compared to a smaller, closed-in room.

Plus, with an open plan kitchen, you may be able to incorporate a different type of door out into the garden, such as a sliding patio door or bifold door. A wider glass door will bring more natural light into the kitchen, making it seem even bigger. It will also connect the kitchen with the garden to facilitate outdoor entertaining in the summer months.

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