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Make life easy with a new generation of kitchen taps

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04 June 2021

Get smart with your kitchen tap!

Kitchen taps now come with a vast range of functions and features designed to make your life easier.

You can have boiling water in an instant or measure just the right amount of filtered drinking water at the touch of a button. There are a host of new generation kitchen taps that bring the latest smart technology into the kitchen.

With so many design features and innovative functions to choose from, you can find the perfect tap for your lifestyle.

Take control with a smart mixer tap

How much water do you waste in a day due to taps being left to run longer than is necessary or from powerful jets of water flooding out?

With smart mixer taps, you can control the exact amount of water you need. This is thanks to a new feature, an integrated measuring cup function, that can be set precisely using rotary control and touch operation.

The dynamic flow control system of a smart mixer tap allows you to decide on the amount of water you want to use. You can opt for a power jet for a faster water flow or a slower release.

This handy feature is a simple and effective way to avoid wasting water. Choose this function if you want to make your house more environmentally friendly – and cut down on water bills.

Boiling water in an instant

No more waiting for the kettle to boil. You can have hot water on tap – literally.

Make tea, coffee and other hot drinks fast. You can also speed up the cooking process as you have hot water on hand to blanch vegetables as you need them.

A single smart mixer tap can dispense cold, warm and boiling water – saving you time and energy. Operated by a separate hot water rotary switch with a safety catch, you have complete control over the mixer tap. After use, the rotary switch will go back to its original position as a safety precaution.

Delicious, filtered water on tap

Instead of having to fill up a separate filter jug, you can have high-quality filtered water straight from the tap.

The filtering system will take way limescale to leave you with clean water that tastes delicious. Use this water to fill your kettle and steam iron, and you’ll notice that you no longer have to descale the appliance.

A single mixer tap can give you a complete filter system with three options of cold, warm and filtered cold water. An integrated filter cleanses your normal tap water. By taking away much of the limescale and heavy metal content, you have water that tastes much purer.

Enjoy the convenience of touch-free taps

For ultimate ease of operation, a touch-free tap means you can have your hands full and still turn on the water.

A simple touch-free feature lets you carry on with what you’re doing, such as preparing dinner or making a cake. If your hands are dirty, you can wash them under running water before touching any other surface.

A smart touch-free tap uses sensor technology to provide a start-stop function. A motion sensor will activate and deactivate the water flow without you having to handle the tap.

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