Industrial style kitchen design ideas

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04 October 2021

How to create an industrial style kitchen

Industrial design is always on-trend in kitchens because it’s a concept that works so well in the busiest room of the house.

The model of industry is open plan, fluid and ultimately practical. It combines functionality with urban chic.

Wide-open spaces

Industrial kitchens have a stripped back appearance that puts the focus on the use of space.
How ever large or small your kitchen, you can choose an understated industrial design that makes the most of the room.

Industrial style kitchens are known for their feeling of openness. It’s all about the flow of work. This means putting the right elements in the right places. For example, although the kitchen may be open plan, there can still be sections.

A kitchen island or breakfast bar may sit in the centre with worktops around the edges of the room. Or you could have a separate dining area with a table for formal meals. The trick is to give each section its own sense of space.

Materials that characterise industrial kitchens

The types of material and textures you use in your design will define it as industrial. Exposed pipes, brickwork and stone are typical of an industrial kitchen.

Glossy stainless-steel features will stand out against this raw backdrop. Or you could incorporate brushed steel, brass or polished copper.

High-gloss cabinets in a polished concrete shade work well in industrial kitchens, as do matte black kitchen islands.

Natural wood, stone or synthetic worktops can blend with a concrete-effect finish offset with stainless steel accessories.

Concrete flooring can be given a polished finish to add style whilst still retaining hardwearing, anti-slip properties. Alternatively, natural wood or ceramic tile flooring can harmonise with an industrial design.

Industrial-style kitchen accessories

Oversize industrial metal pendant lights or vintage pendant lights from commercial settings will accentuate the design.

Open shelves are another traditional industrial kitchen feature, along with overhead racks or hooks, hanging bars, wire rack storage, metal containers and thick wedge chopping boards.

Practical kitchen tools with an urban feel should be put on display. These may include stainless steel accessories or smaller appliances such as coffeemakers or pasta makers.

Use of colour in industrial kitchens

Many people think industrial kitchens have to be grey. In fact, your palette can cover a range of shades.

Monochrome is prevalent in an industrial setting, but this can be contrasted with accent colours. Add splashes of primary colours like red or yellow to draw the eye to certain key pieces.

If you’ve incorporated natural wood in the flooring or walls, this can bring a rich tone to the décor. Or choose wood-fronted cabinets or standalone pieces of wooden furniture. Distressed wood gives character and adds to the workplace vibe.

Shades of charcoal can be layered to give a textured look with high gloss stainless steel to reflect light. Concrete or soft neutral shades like stone or beige can be used on walls or cabinet fronts to bring a softer, lighter feel to the room.

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