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20 January 2022

Introducing the new NATURA Range.

The demand for natural materials has grown in recent years. We’ve all become more aware of the chemicals used in production and the need to reduce our global footprint.

This trend has been reflected in kitchen design, where natural materials such as marble and granite are increasingly popular. Meanwhile, natural unpainted wood and replica wood is being used for worktops, furniture and cabinets.

Introducing the new NATURA range

In response to this demand for natural kitchens, we’re excited to introduce a new range to our collection.

The name says it all. In Oak Montreal décor, NATURA offers stunning wood reproduction units with an authentic natural appearance. Even the feel of the front is close to real wood with a tactile texture.

The NATURA range has been designed for its aesthetic appeal and convenience. The fronts are easy to maintain, light and water-resistant, as well as being impact and shock-resistant. Thanks to our popular anti-fingerprint-effect, these cabinets are made for touching.

Available in handled and handleless, NATURA brings harmony and wellbeing into the kitchen.

Natural marble and granite worktops

Kitchen cabinets are just one of the ways you can bring nature into the kitchen.

Worktops made of natural materials have never gone out of fashion. Granite is one of the most sought-after materials for worktops because it has so many appealing qualities.

First of all, granite is a beautiful material that looks stunning. It has a timeless quality, and every piece of granite is unique.

As well as its visual appeal, granite is a tough substance that won’t mark easily. It’s perfect as a kitchen work surface because it can take heavy-duty wear and tear without showing it.

When sealed properly, granite is ultra-durable as it’s scratch and stain-resistant. It also resists heat and can be positioned next to a hob or oven.

Marble is another natural material that’s beautiful to look at and practical to work on. It’s also great to touch as its surface remains cool no matter how hot the kitchen gets. Chef’s love marble as it makes an ideal surface to roll dough, keeping the mix at the right temperature.

Marble is porous; therefore, it needs to be sealed. Polished marble is better for repelling moisture, and the glossy reflective surface highlights the unique characteristics of the stone.
Classic white marble worktops often become the showpiece in kitchens as they’re such a luxury item.

Natural flooring solutions

As well as natural stone worktops, you can introduce stone into your kitchen design with hardwearing flooring solutions.

As stone is durable and needs little maintenance, it will remain in good condition for years, even in kitchens with a heavy footfall.

Natural stone may feel cold underfoot, but it’s conducive to heat, making it a practical option if you plan to install underfloor heating.

Sustainable wood floors bring a classic quality to any kitchen design. With real timber, stains and scratches aren’t noticeable as they blend in with the natural knots and irregularities of the wood. In fact, the lived-in look adds to the charm and homely appeal of timber flooring.

The beauty of timber is that it can withstand heavy use for a long time, which means it’s worth the initial investment.

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