Creating a social kitchen environment

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19 May 2022

Build your kitchen for entertaining.

It’s not unusual for guests to gravitate to the kitchen as it tends to be where the most activity in the home takes place.

Whether you’re preparing gourmet meals or having friends round for coffee, you can make your kitchen a room that’s designed for entertaining.

Provide plenty of seating and dining space

How much seating space you can include will depend upon the size of your kitchen.

If you want to prepare informal meals or host coffee mornings, a breakfast bar or kitchen island offers an informal and relaxed seating area. Guests can simply hop onto a stool rather than gather around a table.

If you’re planning to hold dinner parties, a dining table and chairs will need to form part of your kitchen design. The dining area can become the centrepiece of the kitchen with a statement table. Or, in a large open plan kitchen, you can divide the room by having a defined dining space on one side and a cooking area on the other.

Rather than trying to cram in too many chairs, be realistic about how much seating you can fit in. It’s better to have fewer chairs than have your guests squashed up against each other.

To make the dining area cosy, include soft furnishings such as non-slip rugs and cushions on seats to bring colour and comfort.

Create your own coffee bar

If there’s always someone in the kitchen preparing a drink, why not have a designated drinks area? This works well if you frequently have friends and family popping in for coffee.

There are numerous types of espresso machines and coffeemakers available for coffee lovers. Guests can prepare their own beverages if you provide cups, mugs, latte bowls and accessories for cappuccinos, expressos and lattes. You can also add a selection of different types of teas by the kettle.

A separate drink preparation area is ideal if you constantly have teenagers dropping in. It makes life easier to contain them in one area, leaving your workspace free for food preparation. And if you have room, providing a snack-making place complete with a sandwich toaster or waffle maker will make you highly popular.

Offer plenty of entertainment

To turn your kitchen into an entertainment room, make sure there’s a large screen on the wall to stream movies, tv shows or play music or games. By linking it to your laptop, you can use a big screen for pretty much any activity.

For smaller rooms, a smart fridge can become a source of entertainment. As well as watching shows on the fridge screen, it also functions as a giant tablet containing a host of apps. You can even use it to organise your family calendar or keep your shopping list.

Some smart fridges have internal cameras that link to an app that lets you see when you’ve run out of food.

Make your walls interesting

Finally, if you’re planning to use your kitchen for entertaining, make the walls more interesting with paintings or photographs.

This makes the room feel more like a hospitable home and less like a functional catering environment. Fun photos are perfect for bringing warmth and personality to an otherwise practical space.

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