How to remodel your kitchen to suit your lifestyle

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09 June 2022

Is it time to take the plunge?

Remodelling your kitchen isn’t as hard as you may think, and it could change the way you live.

We can guide you through each step to creating the perfect kitchen for you.

Keep to a budget

First, it helps to be realistic about what you can afford. Next, work out what’s important to you.

When planning your kitchen, you can allocate more funds to what’s vital to you and cut back on items that don’t play a big part in your life. You’ll want a decent oven and hob if cooking is your passion. And if you don’t have a large household, you can opt for a smaller model of washing machine and tumble dryer.

It pays to invest in high quality, durable cabinets and worktops – and at German Kitchen Store, we have an extensive collection of styles, colours and finishes to choose from. The advantage of our online ordering system is that you can combine different elements, allowing you to create a kitchen that matches your budget and priorities.

Create a larger room

For most people, the aim of remodelling their kitchen is to create more space. Taking out a wall and forming a more extensive open plan kitchen is an option in some homes. Or perhaps you could remove an inbuilt cupboard to gain an extra bit of floor space.

Utility rooms are handy spaces to house noisy appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers and free up space in the kitchen. Do you have a place in the house or garage that you can adapt to a utility area?

Before you make any drastic changes, weigh up precisely what you’ll gain and how you’ll use the additional space you’ve created. If it’s simply storage space that you’re lacking, it might be an easier option to change your cabinets rather than going to the expense of altering the whole room.

Build to fit your space

German Kitchen Store has cabinets in different heights and dimensions to allow you to configure your design. As well as standard size cabinets and drawers, we have extra tall cabinets and drawers, plus corner units.

Our extra-large tall units are 792mm in height instead of the standard 720mm high units. As a result, you gain a massive 10% more storage space than a standard kitchen unit.

Ceiling height cabinets create intelligent storage space and are ergonomically designed to make the most efficient use of your environment. You can ‘go tall’ throughout your kitchen or mix and match with standard sized units to suit the shape of your kitchen.

Reposition your appliances

You may feel hampered in your design by appliances that are in the wrong place. But you don’t necessarily have to keep them where they are.

It may require a plumber or electrician to move existing plumbing or wiring, but it could be worth it, if it enables you to have a more ergonomic kitchen design.

Maximise storage areas

A lack of storage space is a common problem. Choosing extra tall cabinets and drawers enables you to make the most of vertical space. They’ll also give you a place to store smaller appliances that aren’t used every day. Rather than having a pasta maker sitting on the worktop when it’s not used regularly, you can store it in a tall cupboard.

As well as extra-large cabinets, we also have plenty of fittings that will help you make the most efficient use of space. Simple solutions such as rotating and pull-out units are ideal for maximising cupboard storage, making it easy to reach everything inside.

A cluttered worksurface is another frequent complaint. When you plan the layout of your new kitchen, it may be possible to extend beyond the dimensions of your current worktops to produce a more extensive working area.

K Interiors can help you remodel your kitchen to suit your lifestyle

We can design a completely bespoke kitchen to match your lifestyle and home perfectly.

At K Interiors, we’re dedicated to delivering a seamless experience from initial project planning and kitchen design through to ordering, delivery and install.

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