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What is an in-frame kitchen?

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04 November 2022

Looking for something extra special in kitchen design?

Called inset kitchens in the US, the in-frame kitchen has its roots in traditional cabinet furniture construction. Today’s in-frame kitchen units have all the craftsmanship of the original design but can be customised to create a highly modern, individual look.

The design of in-frame kitchens

The design of an in-frame kitchen means the door of the unit is inset within its frame. While the frame is fixed onto the front face of the carcass, the door is fitted to open in it. The result is an additional border surrounding the door.

This design dates back to the last century and was used by cabinet furniture makers. Nearly all cabinet furniture was constructed in the in-frame design, whereby the door is perfectly fitted within its wooden frame.

Modern, cheaper designs replaced the in-frame, but in recent years it has made a comeback. This traditional build speaks of craftsmanship and durability and gives kitchens a mark of quality.

K Interiors in-frame kitchens

K Interiors offers high-quality German in-frame kitchens. Our designs have a frame attached to the front edge of the kitchen unit. The doors are then placed inside the 36mm frame so that they open within it.

The units have special hinges that allow the doors and drawer fronts to open within the frames. All our in-frame units come raw, which means we can paint them in whatever colour suits your kitchen scheme.

With complete freedom of choice over colour, you can put a very personal stamp on your kitchen.

Benefits of an in-frame kitchen

An in-frame kitchen has both practical and visual benefits.

The solid structure of an in-frame kitchen makes it long-lasting and much sought-after. In-frame kitchens are more durable because of their rigid build.

The style of structure also means the edges of the doors will show less wear and tear and stay looking pristine for longer. Also, the doors are hung on butt hinges on solid frames, meaning they won’t sag over time.

As well as the craftsmanship involved in constructing an in-frame unit, there is also the visual interest created by having a framed look. The in-frame not only gives strength to the front of the unit, it makes a strong design statement.

Why choose an in-frame kitchen?

The popularity of in-frame kitchens has increased in recent years. At one time, they were mainly seen in traditional designs such as shaker and cottage-style kitchens. But now, the in-frame style is being used to great effect in modern kitchens.

This move towards an in-frame style kitchen is bolstered by the fact that it allows for more customisation. With the choice of any colour, you can create a kitchen that’s completely unique to you.

An in-frame kitchen is the ultimate in luxury and offers quality, durability, and huge potential for personalisation.

Take a look at our stunning in-frame kitchens

We can design a completely bespoke kitchen to match your lifestyle and home perfectly.

At K Interiors, we’re dedicated to delivering a seamless experience from initial project planning and kitchen design through to ordering, delivery and install.

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