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15 August 2023

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If you love cooking and being in your kitchen, why not make it even more special? Here are some luxury features that will make your kitchen a culinary oasis.

A central kitchen island

A kitchen island is a must-have if you want more room to cook. You can fit a hob into the island and gain even more space to prepare food.

Kitchen islands are highly functional, making an ideal surface for a range of activities. As well as your worktops, you have an additional area for food preparation, baking, and resting hot dishes.

A kitchen island also provides extra storage space as the under-counter area is perfect for keeping pots, pans, and utensils close to hand.

The innovative Bora hob

To make your kitchen island even more luxurious, why not fit it with a state-of-the art Bora hob? These innovative hobs offer efficient vapour extraction without the need for a hood – enabling you to draw off cooking vapours and smells more effectively than ever before.

You could choose a compact hob with an integrated extractor and four cooking zones, along with the option of touch-operation on the cooktop or traditional control knobs. You also have the choice of induction or gas.

Bora hobs can be fitted into standard and extra-deep kitchen counters or cooking islands.

Beautiful granite worktops

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, then granite worktops have the wow-factor. They’re not only beautiful to look at, they provide a host of other benefits the serious cook will love.

Granite is one of the hardest natural products on earth and offers a strength that’s hard to beat. It provides a tough work surface that can be fitted in any area of the kitchen, including around the sink or hob.

Granite is heat, stain and scratch resistant – which means it can take whatever you throw at it, from hot pans to ice-cold dishes. A granite worktop is a luxury that’s worth the cost because it never loses its high gloss finish.

Instant hot water taps

Boiling water from the tap is a must-have in your culinary oasis. No more waiting for the kettle or pan of water to boil.

With a Quooker tap, you can have hot, cold and 100°C boiling water from a single tap. A recent upgrade also lets you add the option of chilled and sparkling water.

You could install your Quooker tap at the sink, worktop or into your kitchen island. Many cooks prefer to keep their normal sink taps and have a separate Quooker tap purely for cooking and preparing drinks.

The perfect pantry

A highly sought-after feature for serious foodies is the pantry. How you incorporate one into your kitchen will depend on the space you have.

A built-in pantry can look just like your other cabinets. Or you could make a feature of it by fitting bi-fold doors to make it stand out.

Cooks love this type of pantry as they can open the doors to reveal their stash of culinary goodies, from tins and jars to packets of ingredients and rows of spices.

Nobilia now offers a pull-out pantry that can be incorporated into most kitchens. It’s usually tall and narrow and can be pulled out to display rows of organised food items. This type of pantry is perfect for storing small non-perishables and jars of herbs and spices.

Let K Interiors design your culinary oasis

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At K Interiors, we’re dedicated to delivering a seamless experience from initial project planning and kitchen design through to ordering, delivery and install.

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