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What are trending kitchen design styles in 2024?

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20 March 2024
Find out the latest kitchen trends for 2024

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home…but what is it about our kitchens that we love?

For many, it's a place to unwind after work, preparing dinner and leaving the day's worries behind.

In today's open-plan homes, the kitchen often seamlessly flows into a dining area. This combined space becomes a hub of activity – a spot for kids to do homework, families to connect over meals, and friends to gather for a much needed catch up.

We love to update our kitchens! But what are the reasons why?

  • Enhancing Functionality: Kitchens are practical spaces. Outdated layouts, appliances, or worn-down features can make food prep a chore. Updates can introduce smarter storage, improve workflow, and incorporate new technologies like smart appliances, making cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

  • Elevating Aesthetics: Our kitchens are a reflection of our style and personality. Over time, trends evolve, and our tastes change. A kitchen update allows us to create a dream space that aligns with our current preferences. Bold colours, statement lighting, or sleek appliances can completely transform the look and feel of the kitchen.

  • Boosting Home Value: Kitchens are a major selling point for houses. A modern and updated kitchen can significantly increase a home's value, making it a worthwhile investment.

  • Creating a Focal Point: The kitchen is often the heart of the home. Updating it can create a more inviting and comfortable space for family and friends to gather, nurturing positive memories and connections.

  • Personal Satisfaction: There's a deep sense of satisfaction that comes from creating a beautiful and functional space we can take pride in. A kitchen update can be a way to express ourselves and personalise our homes

The Biggest Kitchen Trends in 2024

Whether you're planning a redesign or looking for inspiration for an update, we're delving into the biggest kitchen trends for 2024.

Everything’s all white

There are still a lot of people who prefer an unstated, more neutral look. And luckily for them, white kitchens are making a comeback. Chic and timeless, white kitchens don’t have to be boring or clinical. There are some great benefits to choosing a white kitchen, as it is a timeless colour that makes a room feel light and airy.

White cabinetry teamed with natural wood grain, textured tiles, and contrasting statement flooring and countertops, oozes style and sophistication. It also has the advantage that it can be paired with pretty much any other colour and look amazing.

If you are looking at white kitchens, Nobilia has a choice of nine stunning white kitchens in the 2024 kitchen collection. Boasting a variety of styles and finishes, handled and handleless, we have a white kitchen that will suit all tastes and budgets.

Wonderful Wood

'The wood kitchen trend has made a significant comeback in recent years. Natural living kitchens are kitchens with a sense of well-being. Authentic-looking wood decors offer unparalleled kitchen convenience with cosy charm. From slatted and fluted styles, to more the more simple matte varnish to celebrate the unique grain within the timber. Our Nobilia wooden kitchens range includes various styles, colours and finishes to choose from so you can be sure to find the right one for you.

Splashbacks and worktops

Ideal homes feature on kitchen trends discusses the increasing popularity of using a single, continuous slab of material, such as marble, granite and quartz as the backsplash, extending from countertop to ceiling. The slab backsplash serves as a focal point, showcasing the beauty and natural patterns of the chosen material.

Homeowners have been drawn to this trend for its ability to make a statement while complementing various kitchen styles, from sleek and contemporary to more traditional or even rustic designs. Additionally, the choice of material and its veining or patterns can significantly influence the overall look of the kitchen, adding depth, texture, and character to the space.'

Is blue for you?

According to Which’s kitchen experts, the trend for blue kitchens will continue into 2024.

Customers are being more daring with their kitchen choices by selecting dark and earthy tones instead of the ever popular neutrals. In particular, muted blues and greens with a matt finish are become increasingly popular. The Fjord blue kitchen will be a perfect choice if you are wanting to create a cottage style kitchen. Cottage kitchens ooze rustic charm, and it comes in bucket-loads with the Fjord blue Easytouch kitchen

Smart storage 

Given that people are cooking and hosting more, effective and easy-access storage solutions are increasingly important.

People continue to get creative with food storage and now they are looking for great pantry solutions to keep everything organised and easy to reach. For the majority of people, the luxury of a separate pantry isn’t an option, but there are alternatives available to serve the same purpose e.g. pantry cabinets (typically a full-size cabinet with double doors). Whatever your organisational needs, we can help. From racks, baskets, dividers, under-shelf drawers and wheeled storage caddies also helps keep things organised.

It's all down to choice

It’s great to watch the trends and see what is popular around the time you’re shopping for a new kitchen. But you should never forget your own personal tastes and style. You need to love your kitchen for years to come so make sure you pick one that is right for you.

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