Go Handleless - The Latest Trend in Kitchen Design

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25 July 2018

If you want to make a statement with your kitchen, go handless, with sleek lines and precise edges.

And although creating a visually stunning kitchen is the main appeal of going handleless, there are other benefits.

Efficient use of space

The minimalist approach of a kitchen without handles has its practical side. The clean lines make efficient use of space as your cabinets and drawers now take up less room than in a handled environment.

Instead, integrated recess handles provide smooth and sophisticated lines for a smart and linear impression. Hidden grooves make it easy to open doors, but they don’t detract from the look of the cabinets or drawers themselves. The flow of your kitchen units is uninterrupted, which is both practical, allowing for efficient movement, and pleasing to the eye.

Going handleless gives you a wide range of options when it comes to choosing your kitchen design. For example, you could create a bold scheme with clean, straight lines.

Perfect for small kitchens

A handleless style is ideal for small kitchens as you can move about freely without having to worry about catching yourself or your clothes on handles or knobs sticking out. This is one less concern if you have small children and are concerned about them hurting themselves in the kitchen.

From a visual perspective, a handless design makes a small kitchen seem larger and more streamlined. Storage cabinets can be fitted to fill the space you have available, and you and your family can move around without interruption.

With floor to ceiling handle-free cabinets, you increase the sense of space, and your kitchen feels more open and less cluttered.

For your lifestyle

The choice of a pure kitchen design without handles reflects a modern lifestyle. The use of push-to-open mechanisms, finger pulls, soft closing hinges and even electric mechanisms on electronic handleless doors all help to make your domestic life easier.

Your kitchen becomes simpler to maintain as there are no longer any handles for dirt to accumulate around. As a result, you don’t have to try and clean those awkward to get to places in and around cabinet and drawer handles. Instead, you can just wipe over the smooth surface, reducing the time you spend on housework.

And when it comes to accessories, the lack of handles makes choosing kitchen items easier. For example, as there are no longer any chrome or gold trimmings to fret about, you can choose whichever style of kitchen appliances you prefer.

In essence, the contemporary finish and classic appearance of a handleless kitchen means it won’t date. And this timeless appeal adds considerable value to your home – a big plus point when you come to move.

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