Creating a Beautiful In-Frame Kitchen

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11 September 2018

The classic design of an In-frame kitchen is currently in vogue, having never really gone away.

The appeal of In-frame kitchens lies in the fact that they provide flexible, long-lasting builds that can withstand the pressures of modern living while at the same time looking incredibly stylish.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of the In-frame kitchen.

What are In-frame kitchens?

In-frame kitchens are where a frame is attached to the front edge of a kitchen unit, and the doors are then placed inside the 36mm frame so that they open within it. These units require special hinges to allow the doors and drawer fronts to open within the frames.

For centuries, all cabinet furniture was constructed using the In-frame method. But following improvements in high-pressure laminate technology, manufacturers started to produce frameless kitchens that were highly affordable. However, their quality was often not as good at the traditionally built In-frame units.

Now we’re seeing In-frame kitchens make a comeback thanks to their sturdy design structure.

Kitchens with durability and strength

In-frame kitchens are long-lasting and solid thanks to their traditional construction. They’re also progressively contemporary in design.

Our In-frame kitchens are installed using butt hinges fixed to the frame and door to provide a strong structure that won’t weaken with use. The doors won’t drop over time as the frame holds them firmly in place. And this also applies to drawers as the framework helps prevent wear and tear.

Once upon a time, the In-frame option was primarily used in more old-fashioned kitchen designs. But nowadays, the variety of styles available has led to it becoming an integral part of modern kitchen designs.

Complete freedom of choice

At K Interiors, our In-frame kitchens come raw, which means our decorator will paint your kitchen whatever colour you choose. Colours can be mixed to your exact colour requirement – giving you complete freedom of choice and the opportunity to put a personal stamp on your new kitchen.

Another advantage of In-frame kitchens is that they can be easily refurbished if you fancy a change later on. The units themselves will last for a very long time, so rather than incurring the expense of changing them, you can simply change your colour scheme when you’re in the mood for something different.

As well as the extensive choice of colours, we can also fit the framework to suit your kitchen. Cupboards can be made taller and drawers wider. As a result, you maximise your use of space, ensuring every corner of your kitchen is utilised.

At the point of installation, each element of the structure is finely tuned to ensure it fits perfectly in your kitchen – providing a beautiful finish to the units.

Discover our stunning In-frame kitchens

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