Practical and Stylish Alternatives to Kitchen Tiles

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07 April 2019

Check out these creative and exciting alternatives to kitchen tiles.

If you’re looking for something different from the usual rows of tiles along the top of your work surfaces, then there are some creative and exciting alternatives.

For example, splashbacks are panels used to protect walls from splashes and come in a range of materials. Alternatively, new technology means kitchen paint can now withstand heat and both oil and water splashes.

Let’s look at some of the different options.

What are splashbacks?

Splashbacks are multifunctional panels that can be placed behind the hob and sink to protect the wall from splashes and heat damage.

Splashbacks can be made of vinyl, wood, stainless steel and other materials. They offer a flexible and creative way to finish off your kitchen design.

Vinyl splashbacks are popular as they’re hygienic, easy to clean and heat resistance. They’re a great way to bring a splash of colour and panache to your kitchen design.

Stylish glass and mirrored splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are an attractive alternative to vinyl and can be fitted as a large, seamless panel and fixed to the wall with silicone or screws. The glass can be cut to accommodate fittings, sockets and switches.

Tempered glass is hardwearing and stronger than normal glass and provides scratch-resistance. To create a design statement, images such as landscapes or cityscapes can be imprinted on the glass.

Mirrored glass splashbacks are currently highly popular, offering a glossy surface that reflects natural light to brighten up the kitchen. At night, lighting can be positioned to make the most of a glass splashback. However, if you prefer a more muted effect then choose an antiqued glass splashback.

Practical and eye-catching steel splashbacks

A sleek option is to fit a stainless-steel splashback. Brushed steel is smooth and not so glaring, but still has a brightness that stands out.

A flat sheet of steel can be fixed directly to the wall using glue or screws. The look is sleek and sophisticated, but at the same time, it’s practical as stainless steel is durable and heat resistance. It’s also easy to keep clean.

Combine splashbacks with tiles

You could decide to mix things up and have tiles as well as a splashback.

A marble splashback above the sink adds a luxurious feel and can be combined with tiles of a similar colour tone, whereas a whole wall of marble can feel too heavy.

Similarly, wooden splashbacks are practical but work best if you break up the scheme with contrasting tiles rather than having a vertical wall of wood all around the kitchen.

The trick when mixing tiles and splashbacks is to harmonise their tones and textures.

Practical, high tech kitchen paints

New technology means that kitchen paint now has a number of practical qualities. For a start, many paints include an antibacterial formulation to produce a cleaner environment.

Kitchen and bathroom paints are now also steam resistant and have greaseproof technology – this means you can wash them clean without any colour fading.

What style would you like for your kitchen?

At K Interiors, we can help you decide if tiles, splashbacks, paint or other styles are right for your kitchen. And we can advise on the best options for your lifestyle.

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