How to Increase Natural Light in Your Kitchen

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10 June 2019

Brighten up your kitchen by making the most of natural light.

Even in dark kitchens, there are ways you can brighten up the room by making the most of natural light.

Simply changing your décor or introducing glossy surfaces can help make the most of a dull space.

Choose reflective splashbacks and other glossy surfaces

There’s an extensive range of kitchen splashbacks available, so you’ll easily be able to find ones that complement your décor and reflect the light. Glass tiles, high-gloss ceramic tiles or metallic tiles are perfect for maximising reflection.

Other surfaces such as high gloss worktops and shiny cabinets can also help to make the most of natural light. Even furniture and appliances with reflective surfaces can help diffuse light, so think stainless steel kettles and toasters.

Transform your kitchen cabinets

If you have dark wood cabinets, you may want to replace them with something softer. Dark wood looks great in large, spacious kitchens, but it can sometimes overwhelm a smaller space.

Instead, look at high gloss white cabinet fronts. Or simply a paler shade of wood such as ash or pine. And you could replace solid cabinet doors with glass fronted ones or have a mixture of both to offer some relief to a long line of cupboard doors.

Use your walls to enhance light

The surface of your walls can also be used to reflect natural light back into the kitchen. Whereas dark shades absorb light, lighter colours will bounce light around the room.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) ranges from 100% for pure white down to 0% for black. The greater the LRV, the more reflective the wall. However, pure white can sometimes feel cool. Off-white or ‘hint of’ shades can be used to bring a warmer feel to the room.

You could also try using a satin or semi-gloss paint to enhance the reflective properties of your walls even further.

Expand existing windows and doors

If you’re thinking about a new kitchen design, you may want to consider the layout of the room and the openings. Is there scope for making doors or windows bigger?

Plus, new types of glazing have minimal framework. So with a new window, you may gain more glass and less frame. And when it comes to doors, you could replace a solid door with one that’s made of glass or has an inset window.

Change your blinds or curtains

Heavy curtains in dark shades can limit the amount of light coming through your window. Simple light curtains that can be fully tied back will be an improvement. However, vertical blinds may be a better option as they allow you to control how much light enters the kitchen.

There’s now a huge variety of window treatments to choose from, so rather than opting for the traditional, why not make a statement with drapes or unusual blinds.

Add value to your home

It’s worth noting that when buying a new property, natural light is one of the main priorities for buyers. Therefore, creating a lighter, brighter and more appealing environment will add value to your home.

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