What should you consider when planning your new kitchen?

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06 August 2019

What do you want from your kitchen?

Flicking through glossy brochures and dreaming about sparking designer kitchens may be fun. But the reality is, having a new kitchen fitted is a serious investment.

Which is why it pays to take your time and think about the practicalities of a new kitchen design - rather than just choosing glossy cabinets or worktops you like the look of.

What are you looking for from your new kitchen?

A good way to answer that question is to assess your current kitchen and take note of what annoys you.

Do you have enough storage space? Are the worksurfaces extensive enough for your needs? Is the hob in the right place? Are there areas that are underutilised? Now you can begin to list all the things you’d like your new kitchen design to achieve.

If you have space that’s underused, can it be opened up or extended by knocking down a wall or removing an existing cabinet? Ideally, how would you like to use this space? Is your kitchen merely a place to cook meals or is it a dining room as well? Do you cook for guests or just your family?

Once you’ve decided what your ideal kitchen would be, it’s time to take a look at the layout of the room. How can you turn your dream into a reality? If your plans are ambitious, now’s the time to call in the professionals to give you expert advice.

Do you have enough storage and workspace?

Lack of storage and space are common reasons for people to decide to change their kitchens. Because the kitchen is such a highly used room, it quickly becomes frustrating when there’s no room to store pots and pans, or your worksurfaces are permanently cluttered.

Overcoming the problem of inadequate storage and lack of space can be a challenge. If you feel overwhelmed by the problem, it helps to take expert advice. Experienced kitchen fitters will come up with solutions that may not occur to you. They can also say what’s feasible and what’s not when it comes to moving appliances around.

For instance, if you want to move sinks or certain appliances, you’ll need advice on changing the existing plumbing and pipework. Do you have enough plug points in the locations where you want to situate your appliances?

Remember, any adjustments to plumbing and electricity supplies will need to be done before new flooring is laid.

Have you set a budget for your new kitchen?

A good tip is to go for the highest quality worktops and cabinets you can afford. You want hardwearing materials that will withstand heavy use and look great for years to come.

However, you may be able to cut costs in other areas. For example, you could opt for more open shelving, which will cost less than closed cupboards. While you want the frame of your cabinets to be robust, you could choose lacquered or laminate doors that will be less expensive than solid wood or wood veneers.

The same goes for your appliances. If cooking is your passion, go for the best oven and hob you can afford. This may mean having a less expensive brand of washing machine or tumble dryer. Spend on the items that matter to you, and you can always add other appliances later on.

Setting a budget at the outset will give you a structure to work to and make the project less stressful.

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