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19 August 2019

A kitchen is a room the family can gravitate to.

It can sometimes be a challenge to get all your family together in the same place at the same time. However, there’s one room they all gravitate to throughout the day. And that’s the kitchen.

Making your kitchen the hub of your home can help you to organise your busy lifestyle and see more of your family.

Allow space to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner – all at the same time

Do you have sufficient workspace to allow you to make early preparations for dinner while your kids are still crowding around the toaster, eating breakfast?

In a busy household, you’ve usually got someone trying to make a packed lunch while someone else is eating a bowl of cereal. Everyone has a different timetable, but you can bet they’ll all want to use the same workspace at exactly the same time.

Therefore, to make your kitchen a central hub that can cater to everyone, you need plenty of worksurfaces.

Create a place to eat, work and chat

Next, we come to the dining area. A kitchen table is so much more than just a place to eat. It’s somewhere to work on a laptop, do homework, read magazines, chat with friends… the list is endless.

However, if it’s not practical to have a full-sized table with chairs around it in your kitchen, there is an alternative. A kitchen island can have chairs or stools on one or both sides. It instantly creates an informal dining area and is highly functional for most family activities.

At other times of the day, it can act as an additional worksurface giving you that much needed extra space to prepare food and place hot dishes. Plus, you have the added benefit of an under-counter area that can be used for storage.

Another option is to inset a sink or stove into the island. This allows you to face into the room as you cook or wash up - ideal if you want to teach children how to cook or engage with your guests while you’re preparing a meal.

Open up the kitchen to everyone

Another good way to make the kitchen the hub of your home is to make it as open as possible.

Rather than having separate sections for dining and cooking, try to blend them together. A clever design will accommodate every occupation that goes on in a kitchen, and allow each person engaged in a different activity to communicate with each other.

So, when one person is doing their homework, another is making toast, and someone else is watching the television - they can still all see and hear each other. This could be achieved by artful kitchen design, or you could decide to combine two rooms into one.

For instance, you could blend the kitchen with a dining room or family room and have one large open plan area. This works well in modern kitchens that are multi-purpose spaces where we cook, eat, read, work, watch tv and generally hang out with our family and friends.

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