Bring some light and sparkle to your kitchen

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05 November 2019

Why not bring your kitchen to life with some sparkle and light?

A sparkly, gloss and glass theme can give a party feel to your kitchen. Compliment with stainless steel appliances, and you’ll have an array of shiny surfaces to reflect the light.

Choose high gloss worktops and cabinets

If you want to introduce some shine to your kitchen, worktops are a good place to start. You could choose an engineered quartz worksurface as it’s fabricated from natural quartz with added glass or metallic flecks. This brings an attractive sparkle to the room.

Alternatively, a high gloss granite worksurface or island makes a striking feature that will set the tone of the kitchen. Granite is a highly practical, durable material that never loses its high gloss finish.

Your choice of cabinet doors can further enhance this sense of light and sparkle. High gloss kitchen cabinets will give a stylish and contemporary feel and work well with quartz or granite worktops.

Or, rather than having solid cabinet doors, you could opt for glass-fronted ones to provide a reflective surface.

Add plenty of gloss and glass

Once you’ve decided on your worktops and cabinets, you can start to look at other fun ways to introduce sparkle into your kitchen.

For example, there are plenty of sparkly, glossy and glassy splashbacks and tiles that can be stylishly arranged to compliment your design theme. Glass or mirrored tiles can be used to give more light. These are ideal for adding dimensions to smaller kitchens.

Try to let in as much natural light as possible to reflect off these surfaces. And in the evening, ensure lighting is directed to enhance the reflective elements.

Mix different types of lighting

The best way to achieve maximum sparkle in your kitchen is to combine different types of lighting. Try including spotlights to focus on the area where you cook, under-cabinet lighting to illuminate worksurfaces and an adjustable pendant light positioned above where you eat.

Your lighting scheme should be chosen to highlight each activity. Once you’ve finished cooking, the spotlights and under-lights can be turned off, and you can enjoy the warm, intimate glow of the pendant light.

Have fun with festive decorations this Christmas

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where family and friends gather to eat and chat. So when you’re decorating your house on special occasions, don’t forget to bring some festive fun to the kitchen.

Your starting point should be the dining area or place where you set out a buffet. Create a colourful theme with a decorative tablecloth, napkins and fun table decorations. If you have festive or seasonal crockery, make sure it’s on display.

Next, add fairy lights around the door, table or any area you want to highlight. Candles can be used to bring in more light and make the room look more inviting.

Scented candles are ideal for overcoming cooking smells. Choose festive scents such as pine, orange and sandalwood. Bowls of spices like cinnamon, star anise and cloves will fill the kitchen with a delightfully evocative scent.

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