Amazingly Cool Concrete-Look Kitchens

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03 February 2020

A stylish new kitchen trend.  Find out more!

From being a raw construction material, concrete has transformed into a stylish new trend. It’s especially popular in kitchens, where it creates a contemporary, minimalist look that’s perfect in this busy working space.

You may think that concrete would produce a cold feel, but in reality, its elegance brings warmth and character. Concrete and grey cabinets, worktops, tiles, splashbacks and walls all bring an industrial but appealing vibe to kitchens of all sizes.

Concrete-effect worktops

Concrete-look materials create a hardwearing feel to work surfaces and are also practical in terms of blending in with your design scheme.

The surface itself can be made from a durable material, and the muted hue of the colour means it won’t easily show marks or stains. The beauty of concrete is that it gives a clean impression and a sleek, linear vibe.

You could make a concrete-style island or worktop the focal point of your kitchen and introduce features to complement it. Mixing concrete-look and wooded worktops works well to give a stylish, but hardworking impression.

Concrete-look cabinets and drawers

Concrete-effect cabinets give an urban look to a kitchen and bring texture to the décor. This texture can be further enhanced by a neutral colour scheme.

Classic grey, rustic décor is popular in kitchens as its versatile in terms of what can work with it. You can bring in a range of appliances in different colours, and they won’t clash with your kitchen cabinets.

Your concrete-look cabinets can be used to accent your overall kitchen design or contrast with a darker or paler scheme. Alternatively, high gloss or dark cabinet fronts can become standout features when set against a backdrop of muted grey and concrete walls and work surfaces.

Real or fake concrete flooring?

In most cases, concrete-look surfaces are used as flooring rather than concrete itself. However, concrete is a hardwearing surface that can be laid in place of stone on some floors.

Exposed concrete floors offer a smooth, natural feel. The only problem is, they can be noisy underfoot and not that comfortable to walk on. On the plus side, concrete does conduct heat and works well with underfloor heating.

Generally, a concrete-look alternative is a more practical option than real concrete as you gain the same stylish, minimalist look but with a more comfortable, softer walking surface.

Concrete-design walls, tiles and splashbacks

The cool, grey colour palette of concrete is perfect for creating harmony between different surfaces and materials. For example, try replacing old tiles and splashbacks with a new concrete-look product, and you’d be amazed at the difference this minor change can make.

You can also combine a pale concrete colour scheme with glass, high-gloss or metallic tiles that maximise reflection. What this does is to optimise the natural light coming into the kitchen and make the room appear brighter.

Concrete also works well with steel. You can instantly modernise a dated kitchen by bringing in stainless steel accessories to offset the matt concrete background. As a result, your kitchen becomes ultra-chic.

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