Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen

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25 March 2020

Stone, ceramic, hardwood - which floor is best for you?

Your kitchen floor has to put up with a lot – people in and out all day, food and drink spillages, heavy appliances. It’s often the most lived-in room of the house.

So, when it comes to choosing flooring, you need to find the right materials to suit your type of household.

Polished concrete

For urban industrial style, concrete is on-trend. It’s also incredibly hardwearing. After all, it’s concrete, and it actually gets tougher with age.

On the plus side, it absorbs heat in the day and releases it at night, so has good thermal qualities. It works well with underfloor heating and is easy to clean.

On the downside, concrete can chip or crack, and it’s hard on the feet and joints if you’re standing on it for long periods.

Types of stone

Granite, limestone, slate and classic stone are all popular choices for kitchen flooring as they look great and are extremely durable. The toughness of slate varies, and you can get softer options.

The downside of any stone flooring is that it can be hard underfoot and any dropped crockery will smash on impact. On the other hand, stone flooring creates a timeless, classic look, is long-lasting and works well with underfloor heating.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay with a glaze on top and come in a vast array of shapes, shapes, sizes, textures and colours. They’re typically cheaper than porcelain, and a popular choice thanks to the extensive range of styles to choose from.

Ceramic tiles are hygienic, easy to clean and suitable for underfloor heating. However, they’re not as hard-wearing as porcelain and can crack and chip. Ceramic can be hard on feet and dropped crockery.

Porcelain tiles are hard-wearing, hard to scratch or chip, and can be easily cleaned. They’re also compatible with underfloor heating. They tend to be more costly than ceramic tiles because of their durability and strength.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring makes a statement. It says quality and elegance. And it’s also expensive.

However, it’s a look that doesn’t date, and it can be a good investment. Hardwood floors can withstand decades of use – but not without showing some wear and tear in the form of scratches and stains. These marks can add character if you have a traditional or period property and the knots and irregularities of wood suit traditional decor. Hardwood can always be sanded to rejuvenate it.

Wood is not too harsh underfoot and is a warm material. Parquet flooring wears well and doesn’t expand as much as boards. An oil or wax finish will give a more natural look than lacquer.

Laminate and vinyl flooring

Laminate and vinyl flooring has come a long way over the years and is practical, flexible and cost-effective. It’s also available in a vast range of colours and textures.

Both laminate and vinyl are softer and more moisture-resistant than a hardwood floor.

Rubber flooring

Rubber is warm and soft, and, as you’d expect, gives a bit of bounce. It’s a safe surface if you’ve got young children with less risk of knocks and bangs and fallen crockery is also less likely to break.

Rubber is resilient, non-porous, easy to clean and available in a huge range of colours and flecked designs.

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