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Get into the flow with a kitchen that works for you

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21 October 2020

What works for one person will not work for another.

When it comes to kitchens, it’s all about lifestyle and priorities. Is your kitchen the family’s hub with people coming and going all day? Or are you a professional couple who use it mainly in the evenings?

We can design your kitchen for the way you want to use it.

Plan your kitchen with activity in mind

Once you list all the most frequent activities that take place in your kitchen, it becomes easier to create a more efficient flow in your workspace.

How often are you preparing foods, cleaning surfaces, reaching for things in cupboards? To save unnecessary labour, you want to position certain appliances close to each other and cabinets where they’re most needed.

For example, it helps to have a cabinet to store cups and mugs above the worktop that’s going to hold the kettle. Positioning the cabinet that contains plates and glasses near to the dishwasher will save on labour and enable you to unload and put away more rapidly.

What facilities do you use most?

The traditional triangle area of oven, fridge and sink is always a starting point when thinking about layout. However, nowadays we have so many more appliances to take into consideration such as dishwashers and microwaves.

Ergonomics is important as it will help you blend ease of movement with economy of labour. If you love cooking, you’ll want plenty of workspace around the cooker. And how easily can you clean up afterwards? When you identify the appliances you use the most, you can plan a smooth flow between them.

If you socialise in your kitchen, you’ll want to think about how you can best prepare dishes and bring them to the table. Do you have room to manoeuvre around the dining area carrying plates and trays?

In a busy family home, can your kitchen accommodate different people working on different tasks at the same time?

Divide your kitchen into zones

Many of us now have multi-functional kitchens. If this is the case for your kitchen, then it helps to divide the room into zones.

First, there must be an area that focuses on food preparation and cooking. Everything in this zone should be aligned so that it has its own flow.

Next, you may want to have a social zone. This could incorporate the fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, and maybe the wine rack. Is there seating nearby, so you can make drinks and then sit and chat?

The dining area should have its own configuration and flow. This will depend on how many people need to eat at the same time. Position the chairs to make the dining table, island or breakfast bar as comfortable and unobstructed as possible.

Plan as much space between each zone as your kitchen size will allow. In particular, ensure that the cooking area is safe and that you can easily manoeuvre hot and heavy pots and pans without fear of spilling the contents on yourself or others.

We can design an ergonomic kitchen that works for you

We can design the kitchen you want, one that’s perfectly suited to your lifestyle and home.

Why not book a FREE kitchen design consultation and let us show you how we can transform your kitchen?

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