A Guide to Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

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03 November 2020

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But first, let's take a look at how to choose from the vast range of other kitchen appliances, which can be pretty daunting.

Not only do you want something that works well, there’s also long-term durability and energy efficiency to think about.

High-quality performance and functionality

First of all, you want the appliance to have all the functionality you need.

What aspects of an appliance are important to you? For instance, you may want a high-tech cooker that will offer different functions such as a convection oven or induction hob. Or you may simply want a model that’s either easy to clean or self-cleaning.

When it comes to refrigerators, it will depend on the size of your household and how much you eat in or dine out (or get takeaways). If you have a large family and home cook on a daily basis, you’ll need plenty of fridge space.

A rule of thumb is a 4 to 5 square feet fridge for a family of two adults and two children with an extra square foot for each additional person.

The same applies to a dishwasher. How much capacity does your household need? Dishwashers now come in multiple sizes and, therefore, you should think about water usage, if you’re going for a large size. Another popular feature with newer dishwashers is the noise reduction option, useful for open plan kitchen/diners.

When selecting a washing machine, you need to consider the power outlet and what space you have available in the area where you’ll need to locate the washer. In terms of capacity, if you require a larger size, features such as water level control and adjustable spin cycles will help you to use less water.

How energy efficient is the appliance?

If you make energy-efficiency a priority with all your household appliances, you can save a significant amount of money and energy. Look for the Energy Star label on appliances as this will provide some guidance.

With ovens, an electric stove with a single oven underneath is a simple, energy-efficient choice. Convection ovens are not as energy-efficient as conventional cookers. However, they do offer a more even distribution when it comes to heat.

A large fridge will inevitably have high energy costs, whereas a fridge with a freezer at the top of the unit is more energy efficient.

Dishwashers have changed considerably over the years. Today’s models use less water and have drying options that don’t use heat. This makes them substantially greener than they used to be.

Washing machines have also improved. Front-loading washing machines are now much more popular and environmentally friendly than top loaders, which use more energy. Heat pump tumble dryers are more energy-efficient and cheaper to run than the alternative of an electric tumble dryer.

Your space and style

One of the ultimate deciders of which appliance you choose is the amount of space you have available to you. Even then, you can be spoilt for choice as there are plenty of slimline options on the market and under-counter or over-counter appliances.

With regard to style, the main rule is that you don’t want a functional appliance to stand out. The aim is for kitchen appliances to blend in or be hidden. This is easy to achieve if you have built-in appliances, in which case they’ll have the same exterior as your cabinets.

If you choose standalone appliances, be consistent with your colour choices rather than having a mix of whites, stainless steels and blacks.

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