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06 December 2020

What do you want out of a kitchen?

Rarely is a kitchen just used for cooking.  Most of us spend time in our kitchens for a variety of reasons, including working, socialising and relaxing.  To ensure this multifunctional room ticks all the boxes for you, design it for the way you live your life.

How do you cook?

If you love cooking, then you’ll not only want a decent cooker, you’ll also want space to house all your food appliances and accessories.

This means lots of cupboard space is required and an ergonomic design, so you can move efficiently between the cooking area and preparation zone. This is especially important if you like to produce lavish meals with multiple courses that require working on different dishes at the same time.

A simple way to increase your cupboard space is to install extra tall cabinets. That way, you make the most of your vertical space, enabling you to maximise horizontal space for worktops.

Your style of entertaining

If you love cooking for others, then your dining area is important. Can you incorporate a dining table or island in the kitchen, so you can be with your guests while you cook?

If you have a kitchen/diner, you’ll need a good ventilation system above the cooker to get rid of smoke and cooking smells. Other appliances such as a microwaves and dishwashers need to be positioned in the right place to help you keep stay organised during a long meal.

If coffee mornings with friends are more your sort of thing, then why not include a beverage station in your kitchen? Coffeemakers and espresso machines can sit alongside your kettle, surrounded by a choice of coffee and teacups as well as a selection of different teas and coffees.

Relax and have fun

Although a lot of work goes on in the kitchen, it should also be a place where you can relax.

Do you have comfortable seats or is there room for a sofa? If space is limited, bar stools can be a good choice to create an informal seating/dining area.

Most of us need entertaining while we cook and often that means having a TV on in the background. To ensure you don’t lose valuable workspace, position your TV high up on a wall bracket. This keeps it out of the way and makes it visible from wherever you are in the room.

Another popular addition to the kitchen is a sound system. Even small speakers can make a big sound, and it’s easy to set up your own kitchen disco without taking up much-needed space. Music instantly brings a light-hearted and fun atmosphere into the room.

Connect everything together

Once you’ve included all the elements that tick the boxes for you, make sure you, your family and any guests can move around and interact with each other with ease.

Can you make an easy transition from the cooking zone to the dining area? And, if you’re connected to the garden, is there a route to your outdoor entertainment space?

If your kitchen has a natural flow, all the activities that take place in it can overlap and spill over into each other without causing disruption.

We can design a kitchen that ticks all the boxes for you

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